Monday, February 12, 2007

Rejoice - Three words of Whisper..

Feelings, wake up..
Breaths, tied n held…
Embrace, child n Mother….

Kiss, sacred and lasting…
Lips, gallant butterflies..
Feel, Petals n thorn..

Thy, tongue ticked honey…
Thy, your dissolved self
Thy, delighted orchestration..

Swelling, hearts n bullfrog throat…
Sights, ebbing rising n splashing
Clasps, returning waves to ships n lighthouse

Feeling of, candle in the sun…
Melting, scorched n pinning the purpose
Whisper, sanctify n amplify to aspire…

Awaken, felling ballet n dancer..
First kiss, bird n first flight…
Whisper, returning three n words…

Friday, February 02, 2007

Rejoice - Harmony

chuckle the empty corridors,
noisy souls..

Walk them talk them,
last them day long, creep within.

Forbidden souls return then.
Shuffled along the life, .
pain stead Harmony until.