Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rejoice - Another Turn

Life has taken another turn…
There is a scar, another burn…

Let it flow, let it churn..
Daily routines and schedules turn..

Coping the hopes, souls burn..
Who stands on the next turn..

Rejoice - Love you

I never said, I will..
But I did…

I never thought, I can..
But I still…

I never want, to say..
But I do…

I never have, had you..
But now…

I never will stop,
But I will ..

Love you….!!!

Rejoice - Get on..

Whispers in the sky,
Eye are closed and colures shy,

Wind on the turf,
Gently touching my hairs surf,

Who is on the wild,
Feelings of loneliness tamed mild,

Get on with it,
One breath at a time…damn it!