Friday, December 01, 2006

Rejoice - Yours and Mine!

Surplus paint…
Broken words…

Deserted roads…
Dried lakes…

Fallen leaves…
failed tests…

All but one..
All yet one..

Stories to tell..
Yours and Mine!

Rejoice - Long hiatus…

Long hiatus…
to my dynamic questions,
noticeable spheres
of answering rounds…

sign of a wisp upon the sky,
so watered within.
as if the essence of grapes
coming alive in the wine!

I let go those words,
pen, paper, keyboard or whatever…
Into silhouetted forms of
shapes and sides…

then silhouetted forms
diving into the realms of self,
hitherto venture and resist,
making me a coward, maybe that!

beyond a cocoon stands evolution…
word now don’t matter,
to him, to us with simplicity
of the unraveled mystery…

manifested attentions turns
the world within me..
practicality of milestones!!

twilighed sunshine
fails to ignore
the fact of being alive
and yet somewhere..

A neo art, this emerges
into some splash of colors
known memoirs and paints,
and I try, writing them!