Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rejoice - hallucination

death is
a desire..

pain is
a dream..

blood is
a metaphore

skin is
a hallucination..

life is
a stream...

Rejoice - the red

the red..
flows through..
within while.

the red..
lurks fear..
within smile.

the red..
shadows along,
hands tied..

the red...
walks away,
dream piled...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rejoice - again n again

to you? - do you?
had been - have seen,

sorrows - desires..
fingers - rings..

cremations - creations..
again n again..

Rejoice - Ella-Borate

Dreams & compassion...
Such painful acts..

Caress the destine events..
Mind full of freedom..

Blank pages do care..
As emoting pens die young..

Answers to your enigma
Rests in the shadows

Laid by the days..
Lit by the nights, so long..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rejoice - Finally

Finally the house settles down
The place; they call Bangalore..
winds are the same as chirps of the birds
Even the water or rain, which tastes the same…

House gets ample daylight everyday;
four seasons like as always else where..
mind in mind but still believes it moved,
managed and thus reached as planned..

Earth and sky don’t seem to bother,
for them it’s like a flower
which blooms in season
without looking at calendars…

finally the house; settles down,
in it’s sole desire and discretion..
passions continue; ambitions the same
The place; they call Bangalore..

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rejoice - Buds n Brands

Cigarette buds
Cause deepen ashtrays..
Lungs breath; Only brands….

Rejoice - Evident

It becomes more evident
Like all numbers
divided by zero
Or the crowds
listening a quite song..

While we build a nation
in our hearts; Dedicated solders
march past the emerging economy
Revolutions revolve
around humane needs and dead desires…

We collect artifacts
of memoirs of lost worriers
Less known to the stars
Beneath their folded flags
who bread our ancestors
upon death of equality

or the fathoms of
the deepened hearts
souls of paradigm
in event of cause…

it does become more n more
evident; you know…

Rejoice - Just an event!

They almost knew me
Before their attitude could sense
Deep arithmetic intentions…


Even the stars like old melodies
Appear in concert with belated memories
Like I remember my granma’s hands..


Known faces are well known to the crowd
Faceless repute follows through
Identity of the first blossom remains unknown…


Seedlings of the narrow minded wind
Whistles through palms almost the same
Painful touches brush through vains…


They came and went; they told they knew
I don’t remember my soul did even notice
The birth and death was just an event…

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rejoice - After all..

Been there as clouds,
your worries should mature..
after all,
The sky is limitless…

Been there as kid,
Your parental canopies should mumble..
After all,
The life is limited…

Been there and done that..
Your ego survives generations..
After all,
It’s been so long!

Rejoice - Tendem!

Shades of Clouds,
Deep breath of life..
Birds in Tandem!

Swear my life,
The promises die..
Relate in Tandem!

Sing along, party song..
Toast the worries…
Words in Tandem!

Share the feeling,
Grasshopper green,
Poems in Tandem!

Rejoice - Time and Again...

Time and again,
Rising tide,
Setting sun..

Time and again,
Forest on fire,
Floods to kill…

Time and again,
Few blogs to roll,
Few words beneath…

Time and again
Login’s and logouts..
Patching the life!!