Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rejoice - Tale

Enough I said
The dusty wind
Still craves solid..

Will laid back routines
Try killing my obsessions
Deep within the soals ..

Not again I said
And worries seem to
disapprove of me then ..

Tell them too
My confessions are
weak at heart ..

Now that we know
The leopards of the old kingdom
have returned for good...

till then my friend
songs of life will bloom
the tell tales of a yankee!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Rejoice - Copyrighted Openness..

Osho, said once:
Things can be copyrighted,
Thoughts cannot be …

The one gone by may be the
One which could pass by…
Catch them young,
to let the prophesy come alive…

All those close doors,
There be a window open nearby…
Or be a knock on the emptiness
to follow the suit!!

The mind n the matter
Ultimate what matters
Openness is the key…
Sky is the limit!!