Friday, March 31, 2006

Rejoice - Haiku for Haiku

three short lives,
distinct, poles apart togetherness
abstract emotions rule

Rejoice - Haiku - Sad times

my memories of the pain
empty folded hands
tears drop all over face

Rejoice - Haiku for time

clock enclosed time
rush hour of work
lifeless spirit catching on

Rejoice - Haiku for Rain

drop of water on the floor
sweet smell of soil
clouds are crying

Rejoice - Haiku for Summer

summer wind pass by
dry leaves run past
sweat drops on the forehead...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rejoice - Chase!!

Another day, into the asylum
to work, in prejudice…

Routine round of thoughts,
Modest reasonability,

Coffins of the cocoon mentality,
Work is worship etc..

Stay calm, don’t panic..
Your ecstasy of wealth won’t grow then…

Those outdated aspirations,
And the long preserved desires…

All are in the queue, one by one…
Facilitate, cooperate and motivate thou..

Life goes on, for whom, n’ why?
Dare asking this over the cuppa coffee..

First day in the office..
First day of the week..
First semester….
First assignments..
First date..
First first’s…

Another dream, another chase!!
Another game, another taste!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rejoice - Conscious

They spoke into my ears
– they heard a prayer..

They heard words full of goodies..
- What it meant to them?

They searched your heart .. your soul..
– they saw a priest..

They saw visions full of colours
- What it meant to them?

They sniffed all around…
– they smelt a something

They knew it’s full of aroma..
- What it meant to them?

They touched all me senses..
- And still returned empty handed…

As clouds passing by, laughed.
- A whisper of wind into my ears…

“Did they”?
“Will they?

They never came to ask..
- Methods and modalities for soul searching…

It never...Rained on them…

They are still looking
Looking always, outside of themselves…!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rejoice - Within the Castle...

Within the Castle,
Big stoned walls…

Within the walls,
Big sense of security..

Within the security,
Big sign of relief…

Within the Relief,
Big urge of Growth,

Within the Growth,
Big chance of Glory..

Within the Glory,
Big part is Ego…

Within the Ego,
Big dislike of humanity,

Within the humanity,
Big gracious charities..

Within the Charity,
Big score of self desire..

Within the Desire,
Big Powerful Castle…

Within the Castle,
We all are captured…

Rejoice - So nice to see...

So nice to see,
Words flowing th’r my memory…

So nice to see,
Water full of sadness in your eyes,

So nice to see,
You are all ears to hear me…

So nice to see,
Opportunity of sharing, the expression…

So nice to see,
It all happened and we still feel…

So nice to see,
Blindfolded, colorless shades of life…

So nice to see,
You are always with me…