Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Rejoice - Aspirations..

The motive of well being…

The heart for sufferings

That make you go ladders of success..

That breaks paradigms of masses…

One carries from wombs carrying beneath…

One has till the last breath..

My friend are all about life…

Are friends all through the life…

Friday, August 06, 2004

Rejoice - Bird of ...

Oh bird of paradise,
Wish me luck!

Those moments that pass by,
Cloud my eye…

Oh bird of justice,
Where I went wrong..

Those desires of destiny,
Cloud the sky…

Oh bird of happiness,
While I smile..

Those questions of hunger,
Cloud my cry…

Oh bird of paradise,
Wish you come by..

Those journeys unfolding..
Cloud me why?

Rejoice - Damp eyes

Damp eyes..
Heavy Breaths..

Heart burns…
Flying kisses…

Waving hands…
Window panes..

Smoky roads..
Shaky dreams

Sweet desires..
Innocent looks

Lonely birds..
Swinging lines…

Olden Stories
Golden memories

Twisting life..
Faces smile..

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Rejoice - City Within..

City of the garden,
Caressed me like her own..

City of the trees
Cooled my fire down ..

City I preserved,
While I was away..

City Full of nature
I found on the way..

Rejoice - Those Few...

Those lights which faded
on my way back…

Those strangers who laughed
Once when I was e wack…

Those are the memories
Fire up my veins..

Those songs that I cherish
Still in my rains…

Those warm feelings remain
Of our shaking hand..

Those are the days
I carves in sand..

Those are the ways
I wanted to walk…

Those few people
I left behind to talk…