Thursday, December 30, 2004

Rejoice - Trees of absence

No hands…
They are the arms of trees.
No bones of railroads,
but fingers of shadows.

No Warm hearts
or subtle throats,
No quick lips,
but just the Time.

There is nothing.
Not even you nor I.
I know this emptiness,
Umpteenth of times….

You come again,
All over and fill me within.
Again we've played …
Every lover in time,
Each color of glamour
With every set of costumes,
and each stage of life.

Except this,
With no hands and no voices,
No answers and no questions.
Trees are still waving
to the skies of tomorrow.

One day our friends will come home
to find elegant small trees replacing our absence.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Rejoice - Saga

Feeling for being caressed,
Times I get tears
Like a toy, being held possessed,
for those wonderful dears..

Save my words,
Save my soul,
Thy armful of warmth,
Thee safe goal ..

My y’days of lives,
till tomorrows of tears..
giving new meaning’s thy
companionate fears..

take the hand to see within,
your face shy, fact been..
The saga comes true,
Life leaves bodies foreseen..