Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rejoice - Doors open wide...

Doors open wide,
Wind walks by…

He never spoke,
She yet to listen

Doors open wide
Desires pass by…


Doors open wide
Dreams side by …

He awaits the turn
She yet to come

Doors open wide
Rebirth feels shy…


Doors open wide
Life lived by…

He said to himself
She never comes

Doors open wide
He passed by…

Rejoice - Haiku - Train

train in the tunnel
suppressed light

Rejoice - Haiku - Rain

thunders speak
forest listens
wet clouds

Rejoice - Haiku - Return

Flown away
Rivers go far
Rain returns

Rejoice - Haiku - Saved Colors

click it away
saved colors

Rejoice - Haiku - Wish

handful of wishes
he closes her eyes
old clock tics